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Bended Elbow ITT Series

Bended Elbow ITT series – starting Thursday 22 January 2015

How fast can you do 10 miles (16 km)

The Brits love a ten mile time trial.  That’s how Chris Boardman got his first race, and riders like Bradley Wiggins built their tour winning riding.

So in Albury Wodonga, this summer we have the Bended Elbow British Ale House 10 mile time trial series.  While there will be no British ales on the start line, there will be plenty of the suffering the brits seem to love as you try and pump out your fastest ten mile time. 

Given this is Albury Wodonga, we can call it 16 km.  So what is a good time?  For our newest members just starting in the sport the challenge will be to crack the 30 minutes or average 32km/hr.  Those up and coming riders who are getting used to a bit of suffering should be able to beat 27 minutes or 35.5 km/hr.  For those who love driving a bunch in a big gear or have the full TT set up, the magical 24 minutes or 40 km/hr average should definitely be in your sights, if not faster.  The questions will be how much can you improve over summer, how many riders can go under 24 minutes, and what will be your fastest time.

While all TT courses are different, to give you some benchmarks consider these times.  Bradley Wiggins won the UK 10 mile nationals in 2011 with a time of 19:14.  The UK record is held by a Michael Hutchinson in 18:07, and for women a Julia Shaw did the 10 miles in 20:31 in 2010

To get you motivated and ensure fast times we have picked a quick and flat course going out and back on the low road (officially known as the Old Barnawartha Rd).

To help you out, you can get some tips from Chris Boardman, the master himself.

Bended Elbow summer TT series details

  • Thursday evenings unless it’s properly raining or 39 degrees or hotter. If unsure about the weather check the AWCC or Bended Elbow cycling team facebook pages (We are doing Thursday evening as that is when the commissaires are available)
  • First TT is Thursday 22 January 
  • Final TT is March 12.
  • Start on the low road (Old Barnawartha Rd, about 1 km west of the Hume Freeway intersection) for 16 km of fun (8 km out and 8 km back)
  • Registration from 5:45 pm
  • First rider departs at 6:15 pm with the rest in 30 second intervals
  • Normal Time Trial rules apply. Eg no drafting, standing start etc.  You must give way to traffic when turning
  • Timetrial bikes and aero gear or plain old road racing bikes all welcome
  • New riders most definitely welcome with the option of a three ride licence
  • Entry is $5 for seniors, $2 for juniors, with entry fees going to support the Bended Elbow youth riders to attend some big races in 2015.


Race Course

Start – Marshall Area


Christmas BBQ


Club Championship Update

Time Trial

A Grade
1. Tully Lister 25:22:00 (Wangaratta rider)
2. Angus Harris 26:07:00            
3.  Charly McMillan 26:27:00             
4. Declan Gregory 26:38:00
5. Matt Hamblin 26:41:00
6. Aaron Moffat 28:01:00
7. Paul Ingwersen 28:57:00

B Grade
1. Neil Sawyer 28:50:00
2. Terry Halpin 29:41:00
3. Mark Dunlop 29:50:00

C Grade
1 Lindsay French 31:25:00
2 Murray Wallace 32:31:00

Points Table

                           Road race       TT           Crit         total

Angus Harris       10                   10                         20

Declan Gregory    9                    8                           17

Aaron Moffat        8                    6                           14

Matt Hamblin       7                    7                           14

Paul Ingwersen   5                   5                             10

Charly McMillan    0                   9                             9

Matt Toovey        6                   0                              6


Mark Dunlop      8                  8                              16

Terry Halpin        7                 9                              16

Damien Sims      10               0                              10

Neil Sawyer        0                10                             10

Ken Payne          9                0                                9


Lindsay French  9               10                               19

Murray Wallace 10              9                                19


Track Season 2015/15

This great spring weather is inviting even more cycling, so it's time to get going with track for the season.
We are going to start on Monday 27 October, from 4.30pm.
The first week will be getting set up on bikes, discussing licences (please bring yours if you already have one), and having a chat about training and racing.
The plan is for junior training to be on Mondays from 4.30pm, then (after a short break), racing for all-comers from about 6pm. Seniors welcome too!
If you wish to use a club bike, we are going to make it a one-off cost of $30 for the season. That will help us with tubes, tyres, petrol for the motor-bike, etc.
Any questions? The email or call me!
Chris Little (0407 410 894)
PS If you can help us on the weekend before this (Saturday 25 October, from 2pm), we want to have a clean up and prep time at the track and in the equipment shed. Again, please let me know.

Bellbridge 2014

Results from todays race.

A grade;
1st Matt Clark
2nd Tomash Loki
3rd Angus Harris
KOM Tomash Loki

B grade;
1st Brad Rose
2nd Cameron Justin
3rd Charly McMillan
KOM Steven Damm

C grade;
1st Shawn Power
2nd Michal Trnka
3rd John Holgate
KOM Shawn Power

Thanks to everyone that help with the Bellbridge Classic today. There was a tough decision to make on whether to go ahead with the race given that the Riverina interclub is in a state of flux. So special thanks to the race committee of Ken Payne, Tom Barry and Hugh Satchell for making that call.